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As home owners we all want to conserve water and resources so here at the Green Vine Landscaping blog we want to give you some tips on how to save water with your lawns. This how to save water blog will in turn save you money on your monthly water bill. This how to save water blog will also teach you how to be more conscious about how you use water. Conservation of water is key for the environment and future generations since water is the key to life. We have hundreds of customers here in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties who have used these tips to conserve water and have seen great improvements in their lawns; check out what they had to say on our review page. Here at Green Vine Landscaping we hope you learn a bit about lawn care, water conservation and implement this easy tipsGreen Vine Facebook

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How to Save Water. Tips by Green Vine Landscaping:  

  1. Irrigate your lawn late at night, at 11pm or midnight. The sun will be down and the heat will be minimal so the water wont be evaporating as it would be in the day. This will allow you to water less but still get a great looking lawn.
  2. Check your city codes for watering times, days, and requirements. Each city has unique requirements which are in place to help conserve water.
  3. If your house/lawn is on a slop (hill) it is beneficial to use multiple watering sessions a day but for a shorter amount of time. For example, maybe you would water 3 times that day but for 5-6 minutes each watering session instead of 1 time for  a half hour. This will help you reduce the amount of run off from the slope and save water.
  4. Try using check valve sprinklers at the bottom of slopes or in all your sprinklers. This is particularly good for the bottom of the slope since all the excess water in the line will naturally flood the lowest sprinkler and drip out until emptied. The check valve sprinklers stop this drip and conserve water. Here at Green Vine Landscaping we like to use Sam’s RainBird check valves, you can find them at any home improvement store.
  5. Lastly, try replacing your lawn with native plants. Here in the North Bay some native plants to consider would be; lamb ears, society garlic, and various succulent plants. Since these are native to the area they grow optimally here with minimal maintenance required.

These tips are things any home owner/property manager can do themselves. Some other ways to decrease the use of water that Green Vine Landscaping can help you with would be replacing your lawn all together with: pavers, artificial turf, mulch, planter boxes or stones. Green Vine Landscaping specializes in Landscape Management and yard remodels. Green Vine Instagram

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