Synthetic Turf Landscape Options in Your Yard.

Welcome back to Green Vine Landscaping’s blog! Today we will be discussing Synthetic Turf and whether it is a good fit for your yard. Make your yard unique but consider all your landscape options before you make any decision. We are here to assist you with any and all questions regarding your yard.

There are a number of ways you can customize your home’s landscaping and many people are switching for the conventional grass lawns and loving that they did. Grass lawns look nice but many of our customers are realizing that they are wasting a lot of water on grass lawns. Some of our clients are switching to pavers, concrete, gravel, mulch, or transforming their yards into organic gardens. Some of our customers are doing a combination of all 5. Others have even added synthetic turf to their front and back yards. What kind of yard are you looking for?

Combination of pavers, mulch, organic garden beds and awning at our customers home.

Three things to consider about synthetic turf:

  • Is turf right for you?
  • Is turf worth the investment?
  • What does synthetic turf consist of?

Is it right for you? You have to know that turf gets really hot in summer months so if your yard doesn’t have a lot of shade it may not be the best fit. If you have a lot of trees that produce a good amount of shade you will be better off with the turf. Or maybe you would like to do a partial turf in the shaded areas and the rest pavers or mulch. Perhaps you do not have children and will not be concerned with the turf being too hot and you just are interested in low maintenance great looks, turf is perfect for that scenario.
Is it worth the investment? Today turf is more affordable than 20 years ago. With an install of turf you will immediately be saving on your monthly watering bill. Some cities/counties will give you a tax break for your water conservations so make sure to check your cities website for details. It will increase the value of your home instantly which will combat the investment. No chemicals used in our turfs so you can rest assure that it will be safe. Did we mention you conserve water?
What does synthetic turf consist of? Turf consists of blades of grass installed into a base of sand and recycled rubber particles. Most turf lawns will have a drainage layer for the rainy seasons and a leveling layer for a smother surface. For more details and a bunch of free information you can check out the synthetic turf council.

Synthetic Turf Landscape Options for Your Yard.

Synthetic Turf Landscape Options for Your Yard.

Landscape options are vast, turf can be a great addition to your home as well as pavers or garden beds. Call us for a free consultation and suggestions. We proudly serve Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. Check us out on facebook and instagram. See what our customers think of our work on yelp.