Winter Landscaping Tips For Home Owners. How to keep your home in top shape during the rainy winter season. 

During the winter months and time of heavy rains you may have some issues around your home and landscaping. As a home owner it is important to avoid some of these things by taking preventative steps. Here at Green Vine Landscaping we want to help our clients and other home owners to avoid these problematic scenarios. We put together some winter landscaping tips to help out.
Two common issues that home owners experience are fallen tree branches and flooding. Some branches are going to fall but it is important to inspect and trim and large frail branches to avoid home/property damage. And yes, heavy rain is going to cause some puddles and slight flooding but if we clear gutters and sewer drain systems of debris we can avoid major flooding and property damage. Here in Sonoma County we have experienced a lot of flooded and roads have been closed as the cities have been scrambling to get the water under control. People have been evacuated from their homes due to neighborhoods flooding.

Our recommendations are simple yet effective; how to keep your home in top shape during the rainy winter season. Winter landscaping tip 1 is to clean your gutters. We recommend this to keep the water flowing properly and off your house. This will help avoid any flooding directly on your home and reduce the chances of a leak occurring on your roof. We understand that cleaning your gutters can be dangerous, so if you need assistance with that job please give us a call. In the picture below the rain is just starting to come down on our client’s new backyard.

Winter landscaping tip 2 is to clean the storm drains. Make sure there is not a lot of fallen tree debris or garbage around the storm drain area. This will reduce the chance of flooding on the street in your neighborhood. Storm drains tend to collect leafs, branches and other organic plant matter and as this compounds it plugs up the drain rendering it ineffective. You may have seen some of the city street crew members working to clear the drains. This can be avoided by cleaning your storm drain in front of your home.

Winter Landscaping tip 3 is to inspect the trees on your property and trim the old fragile branches. So many times in heavy rains we see branches that have fallen in the road and are blocking traffic. Or we see branches fall and cause damage to home; this can be very destructive and dangerous so we highly recommend getting the trees on your property pruned to avoid this damage. Following these steps is how to keep your home in top shape during the rainy winter season.