Large Installations

Our teams have the unique ability to not only help our clients with large landscape installations like new buildings or larger enhancement work, but also maintain them after the installation is complete.  This ability adds value by removing warranty or communication issues as the project moves past the 1st year of completion. The possibilities are endless as we create a custom plan of action and design for how your installation is going to look after completion. Once this plan is approved, our team will build a schedule and start prepping the site.

We take pride in making sure that your landscape installations will hold the test of time. We use fertilizers, variations of soils, compost, mulch, and more to get your landscape the nutrients it needs to continue to thrive during the installation process.

Outdoor deck patio

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Transform Your Yard with a Pergola Installation or Arbor Landscaping

Pergola installation and arbor landscaping may be perfect for you if you love spending time outdoors.
Transform your yard with structures that offer beauty, comfort, and shade protection.
They can be an ideal solution, whether you want the perfect outdoor place to entertain guests or a private place for reflection.
Green Vine Landscaping offers pergola and arbor installation along with landscaping that includes both types of structures.
Pergolas are large, usually wooden structures. They are generally made with four support beams and a roofing grid of beams and rafters. The roof may be left open to the sky. Others may be covered to create an area sheltered from the elements.

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Pergola Landscaping

Pergola landscaping adds charm to your home. Additional features, such as vines, plants, and artwork, can personalize this creation. A pergola impresses guests with beauty and comfort. You will enjoy the shade and coolness provided by the roof. Being outside but not in the direct sun gives outdoor living a healthy alternative.
Pergolas may be free-standing or attached to a house or structure. Some are small and simple with greater affordability. Others may be extensive and exquisite. Regardless, we will design a pergola installation that matches your desires and your budget.
Wooden open pavilion with flowers

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Transform Your Yard with a Pergola Installation or Arbor Landscaping

We also offer arbor installation. An arbor differs from a pergola in that it is a smaller structure.
Arbors are free-standing, thus not attached to a building. They are often placed at the entrance of a walkway.
Arbors are often formed from horizontal trellis work. They are supported on columns or posts.
You may have seen arbors used as an entrance for a wedding party. They may be placed anywhere in a garden to add beauty and depth. Sitting under an arbor with fragrant flowering vines enhances any afternoon.
Arbor Landscaping provides a sweet aesthetic entrance to your property or back yard. This feature will make your visual statement and provide an artistic flair. Like pergolas, adding vines and flowers enhance an arbor’s beauty. However, they provide very little protection from the elements.
Our craftsmen provide pergola and arbor installation to match your lifestyle, vision and budget. We offer guidance to help design a perfect fit for your property. Ask for a consultation about our arbor and pergola landscaping services.