Property Maintenance

We take pride in keeping your property to our highest standard day to day. We know the first impression someone will have from your business will be the landscaping. Keeping it well maintained, fertilized, and watered are extremely important to your landscape’s health and your public appearance.

LMC's landscape Maintenance includes:

For more information on how LMC’s landscape maintenance services make your life a breeze, request a visit from one of LMC’s certified landscapers or call LMC today.

retaining wall built near fence with foliage growing out of soil

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We Do Landscape Retaining Walls in Block, Stone, Rock and More

One of our favored specialties is creating landscape retaining walls. A retaining wall is an elevated structure that holds a substance in place. The purpose may be to prevent unwanted soil, mud, rock, and water from moving where it is not desired. Or, it may be decorative—such as to create different levels or tiers to a sloped yard. A rock or stone retaining wall not only creates an important structure, but it can add beauty as well. Plain or elegant, the functionality remains an added feature to your outdoor landscape.

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Safety and Security for Your Home

A taller rock or stone retaining wall will prevent neighborhood animals from entering your yard. Keep peace with your neighbors by providing privacy for them and for you. Discourage unwanted intruders from entering your private space. Avoid barriers with an obvious stand-offish feeling with creative rocks, stone, and designs. This wall can be a protection as well as a work of art. Protecting your children and pets can reduce your worries. You will know where they are and who they are with. Avoid unwanted mudslides or rock into your landscape. These undesirable menaces can be costly to you and dangerous to your family and pets
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Styles of Stone and Rock Retaining Walls

Retaining walls include a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Options include wood, concrete, block, brick, and stone, to name a few. Gravity, cantilevered, sheet piling, bored pile, and anchored retaining wall blocks are the most common types. Stone-retaining-wall-add-beauty-stabilityThe decision of what type of wall to build is generally more pragmatic than aesthetic. However, you can have both with landscape retaining walls. Design your wall to your heart’s content. Add vines, wall hangings, and elemental artwork. Employ different and unique stones and rocks for variety and color. Retaining wall blocks provide visual backdrops for the areas they border. They physically support areas that can become beautiful patches of grass, trees and flowers. This is an opportunity to customize the periphery of your property. Allow the wall to complement the visual scheme and flavor you already have.

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Retaining Walls for Business

Consider landscape retaining walls to highlight a commercial property while providing many of the security benefits described above. Rock-retaining-wall-highlight-gardens. Create a decorative border between your business and the one next door. Add accent lighting to soften block or bring out the color of decorative stone. At Green Vine Landscaping, we design and install beautiful, durable, expansive retaining walls. It is our specialty. Contact us for a design and quote on a customized retaining wall to enhance your property.