Customer Reviews of Green Vine Landscaping

Beautiful Work at a Reasonable Price

“Picture… a landscaping company that actually calls you back. Not only that, they come out when they said they would. They put you on their schedule, and do the work when they promised it would get done. I will tell you how RARE it is to find a landscaping company this professional, organized, reliable and friendly. They do beautiful work at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them!” –Lori B., Rohnert Park

Recommended for a Complete Range of Work

“Ivan and his team are excellent. They did some fairly heavy duty construction work for us… retaining walls that needed posts sunk 4 feet below ground) so I’d highly recommend them for a complete range of work.

I’ll admit to being a critical customer and what I appreciate about dealing with Ivan and his team is that anything I questioned or asked them to address, they did so quickly and efficiently. I’d also say that they’re a very professional and friendly team who are a pleasure to have in your home. I’d highly recommend them. –Stephen H., San Rafael

Creative with My Budget, and Great Follow-Through

“I loved working with Ivan. He showed an active interest in getting my business as well as with his follow-through during the job. He was creative with my budget and his assurance that the back garden was going to “impress” even at my limited budget was sincere. He gave me great advice that I really valued being that I am a first time landlord. He was fabulous.” –Penny A., Napa

Gorgeous Work. The Result was A+

“We live in San Francisco, and we had a big project for a city yard. They built a gorgeous fence and gate, installed turf, created a beautiful wall of custom concrete and steel planters, installed lighting and irrigation and also built a beautiful bluestone patio and pergola—from which we are going to hang swings for our children. They showed up when they said they would, they worked nonstop (I put out snacks because I was worried they weren’t taking lunch breaks!) The result is A+.

The people are what differentiates Green Vine—how skilled they are and their incredible attitude. Ivan is solutions oriented, patient, always smiling and eager to answer questions (many of my questions) and they do an excellent job. He and everyone on his team clearly love what they do. They are not just a great landscaping firm, they are the best.” –Jill K., San Francisco

Had All the Heavy Equipment Needed. Fabulous Work!

“FABULOUS!!! From planning through completion of the project, Ivan and his team were wonderful! They went above & beyond with excellent prep and attention to detail with the concrete patio, tiles in the front entry, pavers in the driveway, irrigation system, and plantings. Ivan had all of the heavy equipment needed for different situations and was able to complete the job in a timely fashion.

They thought out drainage and replaced an old gate when needed, always discussing each need with us beforehand and accommodated all the “extras” that we asked for. We now have a drought resistant front yard and a safer patio in the back and are enjoying it every day! THANK YOU GREEN VINE LANDSCAPING!!! –Wendy R., Santa Rosa

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