Tired of Watering and Mowing? Artificial Turf Installation to the Rescue!

artificial-grass-installation-home-business-santa-rosaArtificial grass installation is becoming more popular in our increasingly dry climate.

With drought a huge concern today, many California property owners are looking for ways to save water.

Eliminate watering with synthetic turf installation! You’ll lower your water bill and save on maintenance costs.

You will also eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides.

Artificial Grass Installation Saves Money—and Your Time.

Your time is valuable. We understand. When your workday and workweek are done, you want to relax and play. An artificial lawn gives you the weekends off. No mowing, no watering, no seeding.

Synthetic turf installation is affordable for home, office and commercial developments. Installations are available the next day upon request.

Our products carry an 18-year warranty. No need for back-breaking aeration and reseeding anymore. Your lawn will look beautiful in any season!

Synthetic lawns look natural. They have good drainage, so there is no standing water in the rainy season. Water bills will be for flowers, shrubs and personal use. Weed only the flower gardens. Enjoy the lush green all year long.

Synthetic Turf Installation for Businesses

artificial-turf-installation-year-round-beautyCustomers will enjoy entering your place of business with year-round greenery.

We provide artificial turf installation for small areas and large lots. No job is too small or too large.

No “Stay of the Grass” signs to put people off. The artificial grass installation provides for all seasons use and beauty.

The look and feel invite customers to walk on the lawn. Artificial lawns are resilient in residential and commercial high-traffic areas.

Commercial artificial turf installation is available for multiple uses. Whether for landscaping, recreational areas, playgrounds, roof top gardens, or dog parks, we do it all.

Low cost to no cost maintenance will save your company money. It can be hassle free. Take out the worry, and enjoy the view!

Artificial Turf Installation: a Better Method

artificial-grass-installation-save-waterWe use a US manufacturer as our artificial turf supplier. It is a top-of-the-line product.

The turf is affordable, provides great drainage and looks natural. It carries an 18-year warranty.

Our artificial grass installation crew will discuss the design with you, and the installation process has several steps.

The first step is to prepare the ground which requires meticulous attention to detail. We begin by taking measurements.

Existing material, whether grass, cement, or tree roots, must be removed. A layer of crushed stone will be spread evenly over the area. The areas may be flat, rounded or have a slight curve per design.

Next, we wet and compact the surface to ensure evenness. Once it is dry, we examine the area for undesirable bumps. Rodent wiring application occurs prior to turf if needed.

The third step is installing the artificial turf. This is the exciting part. After exact measurements are made, the grass is laid with a weather resistant adhesive. Securing the edges with landscape staples and double borders avoids lift and curl up on the edges.

The final step requires proper infill installation. The infill protects the synthetic grass from the elements. It also maintains the blade structure and level design. You are now ready to enjoy your beautiful lawn!

Our Gallery Shows Turf Installation to Completion

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