Paver Patio Installation and Walkways Beautify Your Outdoor Space

paver-patio-installation-highlight-entrywayGreen Vine Landscaping specializes in brick and paver patio installation. We install many styles of decorative pavers, bricks and stones.

Options range from simple, inexpensive material to higher quality, creatively designed finishes.

For economy, choose a durable interlocking paver floor for your parking lot, patio or driveway. A concrete paver that resembles a natural material will delight your eyes and your budget.

If you prefer real brick or stone pavers, we offer various options. Our brick or stone materials offer practicality as well as high levels of aesthetic value. Designs are only limited by creativity and price.

Paver and brick surfaces add a clean, manicured look to your home or business. You and your guests will delight in the magnificence and charm of your entryways.

Pavers Can Reduce Maintenance Costs

Bay-Area-paver-patio-installation-driveway-low-maintenance Small and large patios, walkways and driveways in brick and stone offer vast beauty and functionality. As nice as grass is, there is no need to water or mow these areas anymore.

Building a paver patio can eliminate bugs, allergens, dirt and yearly seeding and weeding from these areas. The longevity and long-term warranty of our work brings peace of mind to home and business owners.

Keep your patio and driveway looking great with our maintenance services. Laying patio stones is the first step in upgrading the exterior of your home. They generally need very little maintenance, but occasional repairs may be necessary.

Re-sanding and power washing will bring the youthful look back to your patio and walkways, keeping them fresh for many years to come. We offer seal coating services as well.

Hardscape Maintenance Services

Our services include the following.

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Entrances and Walkways
  • Fire Pits and Fireplaces
  • Grill Enclosures
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscaping

Paver Patio Installation

paver-walkway-entrances-beautify-enhance-entrywayPaver and brick patio installation requires distinct practices to be followed for maximum longevity. When laying patio stones, we pay meticulous attention to codes and guidelines.

Otherwise the result may be stones lifting, brick breakage, tripping hazards and unnecessary upkeep.

By following our paver patio installation process, we can provide a solid guarantee with our work.

First we grade the base layer for proper drainage, water runoff and levelness. Excavated areas will be wide enough to ensure proper edge stability. The gravel and sand base will be compacted with proper water moisture to achieve the best compaction.

Then we lay the pavers or stones for maximum beauty, stability and conformity.

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