Plant Health Care

Many property owners want to enhance the beauty and value of their land through the addition of plants, but the variety of plants, their type, and their complementing colors are important to an aesthetically pleasing and healthy overall landscape. If you have an existing landscape, we can create a health plan to ensure that the plants are getting all of their nutrients and any dying plants are nursed or replaced by healthy ones.

evening oasis

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Landscape Lighting Company Brings Magic to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting contractors create an evening outdoor ambiance that inspires participation.
Experience your back yard in the evening after we install fixtures that bring aliveness to every corner of your property.
Green Vine Landscaping appreciates the importance of making use of the outdoors. You love your home. You love your yard. Enjoying it in the evening adds a new dimension to your home environment.
We will bring your landscape alive at night with our multitude of lighting options. You can have 24-hour access to the world outdoors.

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
What Outdoor Lighting Companies Do

Green Vine Landscaping carries an extensive line of lighting products. We will help you choose the perfect lighting for your landscape. Our experienced and talented specialists will install the fixtures at a price to fit your budget.
Our landscape lighting contractor, we understand the technical side of the business. Green Vine Landscaping will put together a lighting package with durable components that perfectly complement each other.
When possible, we use systems of LED lights with the HUB method of installation. This advanced process is preferable to standard wiring procedures. It reduces the number of connections by roughly 80%. Even better, LED lighting saves money on your electric bill!
What this means to you are fewer outages and less required maintenance. Troubleshooting is easy—if it’s ever needed. Your lighting system is more durable and costs less for electricity and maintenance.
As an added bonus, many of these lighting systems are controllable through a free app on your smartphones. You can go on vacation and still have control over your outdoor lighting.
Summer Resort Garden Lanterns

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Light Fixtures

Green Vine supplies a fully integrated and wide range of distinctive low-voltage light fixtures.
These include HUBs, LED lamps, wireless controls, and accessories. These fixtures save time and money and are built for longevity.
No need to replace bulbs frequently even when left on all night. Track lighting, accent fixtures, and sconces create a warm environment for your patio and yard. Designs range from simple to fancy.
Customization with accent light fixtures creates a unique, inviting landscape. Track lighting and LED tape lights are highly adjustable, adaptable options giving you command of your space. Sconces are ornamental and provide unique lighting options.

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Safety and Security at Home and in Business

Landscape lighting companies can help you light up the night for safety and security. Homes and businesses are seeking extra security. Nighttime lighting discourages unwanted visitors. Using timers allows you to control your lighting while you are at home, your business, or away.
Green Vine Landscaping experts help businesses add an extra dimension to their security system. We design track systems with timers and motion lights that are attractive and practical. Keep intruders off guard day and night. The cool lighting fixtures feature ambiance and low-cost electricity.
Landscape Lighting

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Light Fixtures

We incorporate HUB lighting that provides an economical, state-of-the-art, low-cost option for expansive outdoor landscaping.
HUBs are not readily visible in the landscape. Highlight your trees and shrubs from one location.
Each HUB acts as a central location for connections. The HUB protects connections from moisture and reduces the number of connection points. It distributes proper voltage evenly to every fixture and provides flexibility in fixture location and future expansion. They prove to be popular in larger yards and business locations.
Contact Green Vine Landscaping as your outdoor lighting company to provide a design specific to your needs and taste. Our friendly technicians are happy to consult with you and offer suggestions and advice.