Property Maintenance

We take pride in keeping your property to our highest standard day to day. We know the first impression someone will have from your business will be the landscaping. Keeping it well maintained, fertilized, and watered are extremely important to your landscape’s health and your public appearance.

LMC's landscape Maintenance includes:

For more information on how LMC’s landscape maintenance services make your life a breeze, request a visit from one of LMC’s certified landscapers or call LMC today.

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Synthetic Turf Specials

Our synthetic turf is an affordable and top-of-the-line product that will make your landscape look great while cutting down on maintenance costs. With our synthetic turf specials, you have all the more reason to consider installing turf on your property. Take a look at our PDF for more information.

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Mulching Specials

Mulching is a very important part of landscaping, as mulch provides a variety of benefits that help you save money in the long run. Not only will you as a homeowner benefit from it, but any and all flora you choose to plant will look healthier and last longer. Take a look at our mulch specials to see what we can do for you.

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Maintenance Specials

After getting landscaping work done, maintenance may sometimes be needed in order to keep everything looking good. From leaf blowing to hedge trimming, we can handle every aspect of landscape maintenance to keep your property looking its best. View our maintenance specials PDF for more information on what promotions we are offering.

Green Vine Landscaping, Inc
Annual Flowers Specials

A simple but effective way to add some beauty and color to your landscape is to plant flowers, and with a great variety of flowers and colors to choose from, the possibilities can be endless. Our team can install annual flowers and replace those that have died. For more information on what promotions we offer, take a look at our specials PDF.